TGS Myths & Truths

Myths & Truths

  • Myth: "My coach knows some college coaches, so I think I’m covered"

    Truth: Your coach’s connections are great, but there is no guarantee that you will be a good fit for the few spots open on those college teams or that those colleges are a good fit for you. Increase your chances of playing in college and use TOTALplayer to your advantage. With TOTALplayer you will have the most robust online player profile on the market with of course the ability to email coaches directly from your account, share your game footage and more. But what makes TOTALplayer different is that your profile is linked 24/7 to the college coach software used by coaches everyday for recruiting. Plus, your profile is automatically linked to all TGS run tournaments, showcases and leagues throughout the country, accessed by college coaches field-side to take player notes electronically. That’s right, we provide the software for it all. For the first time players, college coaches, tournaments and leagues share information in real-time via the web and mobile continuously. Your college career is waiting. Try it, take charge and Rule Your World!

  • Myth: "My team doesn’t play in the top league so my chances are slim."

    There are lots of ways to get in front of college coaches and get noticed, you just need the right tools.

  • Myth: "I play on a really good team so I’m guaranteed to play in college."

    Truth: In recruiting, there are never guarantees. The only way to increase your odds is to communicate, share and build relationships with your top colleges.

  • Myth: “Any online player profile is good enough, right?”

    Truth: It is a lot easier for college coaches to view player profiles that are already on the system they use daily for recruiting purposes whether in their office or on the go at tournaments.

  • Myth: “If I don’t get recruited by my Junior year, I won’t be recruited.”

    Truth: Most of the D1 schools do recruit earlier, but many D1, D2, D3 and NAIA schools have positions available, colleges just need to find you.