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Scouting Process

The ECNL Player Identification Platform has enabled the ECNL to develop a scouting network of over 150 ECNL Player ID Scouts. These scouts include coaches from ECNL Member Clubs as well as independent coaches. The ECNL scouting network include some of the countries best youth club coaches, coaches with former experience with US Soccer National Teams, and coaches from top Division I, II, and III colleges.

The ECNL Player ID Scouting Staff is one of the largest, most qualified, and most comprehensive scouting networks for female players in the country.

ECNL scouts are assigned to observe and analyze ECNL games at each event in the ECNL National Showcase Event Series. A standardized evaluation program has been established by the ECNL for these scouts whereby identified players will be evaluated on a variety of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological characteristics based upon their performances. The performance of identified players will be tracked over time through a secure, online database provided to the ECNL by Demosphere. This database allows for longitudinal tracking of the players, comparison of different ratings of the same players by different scouts, and is searchable so that the top players in any category, birth year, or position can be identified.