Player Identification National Selection Program 2020-21 National Selection Game Calendar

Conference Selection Program

The ECNL Conference Selection (formerly named PDP) events provide an opportunity for the top players within every ECNL conference to play with and against the best players within their region at multiple age groups, and to attend presentations from leading coaches or experts in elite athlete development. The ECNL Conference Selection Programs are created with three primary goals:

(i) Identify the top players within each ECNL conference at multiple age groups;

(ii) Provide a developmental experience; and

(iii) Recognize and reward individual performance and achievement.

In 2019-2020, there will be ten such programs taking place across the country, with every ECNL Club assigned to one either based upon their conference or their geographic location. The ECNL Conference Selection Programs will bring together the top 60 players within the conference or geographic region for a weekend of training, competition, and education. Each ECNL Conference Selection Program will include approximately 60 players: 30 from the 2003/2004 age groups, and 30 from the 2005/2006 age groups.