Frequent Questions

Team Administrators, Team Coaches and ECNL Coordinators: For additional FAQ's, game day procedures, website user guides and other important resources, please login to your account and go to the Help Center.

  • How do I add a player to our team as the Team Administrator?

    You will need to have the player/their parent or guardian complete a US Club Player form, have a copy of their birth certificate and a color headshot photo of the player (shoulders up). Login to your account and go to your team page. Select your team and then select Player Pool. There you will find a list of your players. Elect the arrow next to the player you wish to edit. This will take you into the players profile. To update their photo you will edit their Basic Profile page. To add their forms you will go to their forms page. Be sure to upload the US Club form under Association for and the Proof of Birth will go under the Birth Certificate/Passport form type.

  • When can players be added/cut-off dates for adding?

    Players can be added to your team at the beginning of a new season (August). All teams are notified by email when registration is open. Players can also be added during the season as long as they are not registered for another club team in your area. If an area club team authorizes in writing the release of a player from their team to join yours, then it is permissible. Players can not be added to your team if they are already registered for another ECNL team in your Conference until the start of a new season (August). If the player plays for an ECNL team out of your Conference and is moving to your area, a transfer must be requested in writing and approved by the releasing team. Contact your club ECNL Coordinator for assistance.

  • How many players can I have on my team roster?

    You may have 30 players on your roster.

  • How many rostered players can play in any one game?

    Up to 18 players can play in a game.

  • Can I have a substitute player from another team belonging to our club, whether ECNL or non ECNL team?

    You may have substitute players from your club as long as they have a valid ECNL US Soccer card and are age appropriate for your team or younger.

  • What is a Discovery Player?

    A Discovery Player is a player that plays on a team for a non-ECNL club that you want to play with your team. This is a great way for the Discovery Player to experience what it is like to play ECNL competition and for a team to have the assistance of a key player. See Rule 2.12 in ECNL Competition Rules for more detail.

  • How many Discovery Players can I have on my team?

    U13-U17 can have two discovery players and the U18 team can have four discover players.

  • Are there restrictions on Discovery Players?

    There are no restrictions on Discovery Players playing in both games for their permanent non-ECNL team and their ECNL team on the same day or same weekend. Discovery Players are tied exclusively to your ECNL team and can not play for any other ECNL team at your club or any other ECNL club.

  • How do our players set up their player profiles?

    It's easy to set up a player profile. As the team administrator or club administrator you can go to your player list and click the resend activation link. This will send the players the link to set up their player profile. Once the player sets up their account they will have access to update their profile. A player may choose to upgrade their account to have access to the College Section with direct college coach email capability plus access to the fitness center, skills testing center and more.

  • How do I request a replacement player, coach or administrator card?

    Contact your club registrar. Your registrar is now responsible for issuing ECNL and US Club Soccer cards.

  • What can be done in emergencies if a card is lost and a league or showcase game is being played?

    It is a good idea for you to keep a photocopy of all your player, coach and team administrator cards in case of emergencies. For league games, these photocopies can be used. For showcases, a laminated, permanent card is needed.

  • How are registration for league and showcases done and what are the deadlines?

    Your club ECNL Coordinator is responsible for league and showcase registration for all ECNL teams within your club.

  • Who is responsible for paying team ECNL league and showcase fees?

    Your club is responsible for paying all fees owed for ECNL league or events. The fee you pay to your club for the season is inclusive of such fees.

  • Who is responsible for paying referee fees at league games and showcases?

    For league games, Home teams are responsible for paying referee fees. For Showcases, referee fees are included in the showcase fee.

  • How much are referee fees for league games?

    U17 & U18/U19 Fees: $75 to referee and $50 to each assistant referee, and U14, U15, & U16: $65 to referee and $40 to each assistant referee. U13: $60 to referee and $40 to each assistant referee. U12: $40 to referee and $30 to each assistant referee. U11: $40 to referee and $22 to each assistant referee.

  • How do I print a game match report?

    Home Team administrators or coaches login to your account, go to your team page, select game and click Match Report.

  • How many copies of a match report do I need per game?

    Home teams should provide one copy of the match report to the lead referee before each game. Visiting team should bring a copy of the match report in case of emergency.

  • Can I add borrowed players by hand on the match report?

    Yes, you may write in by hand any age appropriate ECNL borrowed players from your club on game day whether league or showcase game. Remember, ECNL players may only play for one of your ECNL teams on any given day.

  • How Do I print the US Club Roster for non ECNL events?

    As the Team Administrator you will login to your account go to Player Pool and under the More button you will see US Club Roster. There you can print as many copies as you would like.

  • What Forms are required in order to register a player to ECNL?

    Each player must have the following three items. 1 - Player Photo (This must be a head shot) 2 - US Club Form (This must be uploaded as the Association Form) 3 - Proof of Birth (This is either a Birth Certificate or a Passport)

  • What if the Team Administrator and a Player have the same Email address?

    Each player must have a unique email address. This is the only way their player profile account can be set up. If the player and the administrator have the same email address then one of the accounts will not be able to be set up. Either the player or the administrator will need to use an alternate email address.

  • As the Club Administrator how can I easily update player's team assignments?

    As the Club Administrator go to the Club Tab and select Players. From there find the player you want to move and click the check box next to their name. Then go to the More tab and select Quick Edit. A pop up will open and you can quickly and easily change their team.