Midwest Conference 16-17

ECNL-CONF_logos_MWThe ECNL’s Midwest Conference is comprised of nine clubs that span across five states: Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Midwest Conference is the smallest conference in the ECNL. The primary competition season is the fall.

The Board Members representing the Midwest Conference are Rory Dames, President and Director of Coaching for Eclipse Select Soccer Club, Doug Landefeld, Vice President and Director of Coaching for Michigan Hawks, and ECNL President Christian Lavers, President and Director of Coaching for FC Wisconsin Eclipse.

Two Midwest Conference member clubs were ranked in the top 10 ECNL Overall Club Standings at the conclusion of the 2015-16 ECNL Season and Midwest Conference club Michigan Hawks won the U17 National Championship.

2nd – Michigan Hawks
5th – Eclipse Select SC

Eclipse Select SC Oak Brook, Illinois Click Here www.eclipseselect.org 70-18-19
FC Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Click Here www.fcwisconsineclipse.com 27-62-16
Michigan Hawks Livonia, Michigan Click Here www.michiganwolveshawks.com 74-16-17
Minnesota Thunder Richfield, Minnesota Click Here www.mnthunderacademy.org 41-40-24
SLSG- Illinois Collinsville, Illinois Click Here www.slsgsoccer.com 23-63-22
SLSG- Missouri St. Louis, Missouri Click Here www.slsgsoccer.com 44-36-27
Sockers FC Palatine, Illinois Click Here www.sockersfcchicago.com 32-56-22
Sporting Blue Valley Kansas City, Kansas Click Here www.sportingbvsoccer.org 37-50-24
Vardar SC Detroit, Michigan Click Here www.vardarsoccer.com 44-49-20