Player Identification Platform

ECNL Player Identification:  The ECNL Player Development Programs are sanctioned as Olympic Development Program events, and provide an opportunity for the top players from ECNL member clubs to participate in an elite training and competition weekend while being scouted for possible inclusion in US Soccer’s National Team programs. Players are selected for the events based upon scouting at ECNL National Events and recommendations from Directors of Coaching within the conference. ECNL Player Development Programs provide many benefits to participating players:

  • An opportunity to work with top coaches,.
  • An opportunity to play with and against some of the conference’s best players in your age group, and
  • Additional college identification opportunities.

By scouting players in their regular team environment, while they are competing against the best players in the country, the ECNL Player ID Program increases opportunities for identified players at no additional cost to the players. The program also does not add congestion to the player calendar by requiring multiple levels of “try-outs” and other competitions to identify players.

ECNL scouts are assigned to observe and analyze ECNL games at each ECNL National Showcase Event. A standardized evaluation program has been established by the ECNL for these scouts whereby identified players will be evaluated on a variety of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological characteristics based upon their performances.  ECNL scouts include coaches from member clubs of the ECNL, independent coaches, and coaches from top Division I, II, and III colleges.

The Scouting Process