The ECNL Girls is thrilled to announce the promotion of Chicago Inter from the ECNL Girls Regional League – Heartland to the ECNL Girls Midwest Conference for the 2023-24 season. 

“Chicago Inter is the fourth club over the last several years to be promoted from the ECNL Regional League – Heartland Conference to the ECNL Club Competition Midwest Conference, proving the pathway from Regional League to Club Competition,” said Ralph Richards, ECNL Girls Commissioner. “The club has excelled on the field with multiple age groups in first place in the Heartland East Division, and Sena and his staff have done a great job developing their teams and players for many years. I look forward to seeing what they do next season in the Midwest Conference.”

Chicago Inter’s promotion comes after five clubs made the move from the ECNL Regional League to the ECNL Club Competition last year.  Beach FC (VA), Florida Premier FC, Florida West, Pateadores (CA), and Rockford Raptors (IL) were all promoted into the Club Competition last season.

Chicago Inter’s strong season has been highlighted by an 8-0-1 record at the U18/19 age group and a 9-0 record at the U17 age group which saw them take first place in the Heartland Regional League’s East Flight at both age groups. So far, three of Chicago Inter’s teams have qualified for the ECNL Regional League Central Championship.

Chicago Inter Technical Director, Sena Halilovic, is excited that the opportunity to move into the Club Competition will allow their players to compete against the top competition in the country.

“We are excited and grateful for being promoted to the Club Competition,” said Halilovic. “The ECNL platform will provide tremendous opportunities for the growth and development of our players. Our goal has always been to build a youth club that combines exceptional training with the highest competition level. The ECNL will allow us to consistently provide top-flight competition and high-level college exposure to our players.”


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