Derby Info: FC Dallas vs. Solar SC

Date: Saturday, March 4, 2023

Location: MoneyGram Soccer Park | Dallas, Texas

Age Groups: U13-U17

Saturday, March 4 bragging rights in the city of Dallas are on the line when Solar SC and FC Dallas square off in the first ECNL Girls Continental Tire Derby Day of 2023.

Solar and FC Dallas have battled for supremacy in the Texas Conference over the years and matchups between the two sides typically go a long way in determining who will win the Texas Conference each season. This weekend’s Derby between the U13-U17 age groups will once again go a long way in deciding the Texas Conference at each age group.

Club: FC Dallas

Year Founded: 2005

Club Location: Dallas, Texas

Things You Should Know: 05 – 2022 ECNL National Semifinalists, 06 and 07 – 2022 ECNL National Quarterfinalists

Quotables: “Typically those contests against Solar decide who is going to finish first, second, or third. They tend to dictate seedings and who wins the conference,” said FC Dallas Girls Academy Director Matt Grubb. “I’m hopeful that we’re in one of the top two spots in most people’s eyes and there’s always extra motivation to knock off your rival or your next closest opponent.”

FC Dallas comes into the Derby on top of the Texas Conference at the 06 and 07 levels, and currently is third in the standings at the 08, 09, and 10 levels.

For FC Dallas, Grubb says the weekend is not only a test to see where his team stacks up against another elite club as they move forward in the season, but it’s also a chance to prove who the top club in Dallas is.

“You want to prove that you own the turf,” Grubb said. “It’s a litmus test for us, to give us a barometer of where we need to be.”

“From top to bottom the games will be exciting. Their electric individual play is insane,” Grubb added. “It’s fun because it’s very different styles, but it’s always exciting, always a war, always a battle.”

Club: Solar SC

Year Founded: 1976

Club Location: Dallas, Texas

Things You Should Know: 08 and 09 – 2022 ECNL National Champions, advanced U13-U17 age groups to the Champions League Finals in Richmond

Quotables: “It’s always super exciting to play between the two most competitive clubs in Dallas,” said Adrian Solca, Executive Director at Solar SC. “They will be really good games. Both groups are looking to play good soccer. I know that FC Dallas has a good culture of developing players and so do we, so we’re looking forward to a good weekend of soccer.”

Solar SC is coming off a historic season where they won the Texas Conference at all age groups as well as National Championships at the U13 and U14 age groups. At the 08, 09, and 10 levels Solar SC currently sits on top of the Texas Conference, while they are just behind FC Dallas, in second place at the 06 and 07 levels.

“Last year was exceptional for us, we won the conference in every age, losing only one game out of all the ages in the process,” Solca said. “It was a pretty unusual and exceptional year for us.”

With both clubs once again ranked so highly in the Texas Conference, a lot is once again on the line this weekend when they take the field, for what should be an outstanding day of competition.

“A lot of emotions are involved in the games,” Solca said. “We are excited to play and we are excited to make something special out of it.”