Last weekend, ECNL Regional League South Carolina provided teams from around the Regional League an opportunity to face off with one another over three days of exciting competition at SCUFC West Soccer Complex and Southeastern Freight Lines Soccer Center.

Great Falls Reston sent both their 04/05 and 06 teams to South Carolina for the weekend. The 04/05 team finished the weekend 2-1, after playing three highly competitive games, two of which were decided by only one goal. 

Meanwhile, the Great Falls Reston 06 team finished the weekend undefeated, picking up two wins, as well as a 1-1 draw on Saturday against NCFC Youth Premier.

Great Falls Reston Girls Director, Radovan Pletka, described how important the experience was for his team both on and off the field.

“For me it’s beyond just playing soccer,” Pletka said. “The experiences throughout the years they have playing youth soccer are important to me. I think they need to enjoy it.”

While the off the field experience is important to Pletka, it’s also very important for his teams to get a bit of an adjustment to the competition they normally see in their league play and get exposed to teams from other areas of the country.

“We really enjoyed playing different competition than what we’re used to,” Pletka said.

Pletka noted how some of his players drove over eight hours to get to the event and believes with that kind of time commitment it is extremely important for them to get to experience a quality event with great competition, something he believes was delivered on both fronts.

“The competition was great,” Pletka said. “It’s important for us to do these special events, so we definitely enjoyed it.”