RICHMOND, Va. (December 6, 2022) – The ECNL Girls is excited to announce the rosters for the Continental Tire Regional League Selection Game. The Regional League Selection Game in St. Louis will take place at Creve Coeur Soccer Complex on December 9, 2022, at 6:15 PM on Field 1 and will be live streamed here. The game will feature players from the U17-U18/19 age groups.

The Continental Tire ECNL Regional League Selection Games are “all-star” matches that bring top players at each regular season ECNL Regional League Event together for representative competition on the first day of the event. They are one component of the ECNL Regional League Selection Program, which encompasses all player identification and development programs within the league. 

Players were selected for the games by ECNL Player Identification staff through a combination of scouting and recommendations based on performances over the past several months. These athletes will not compete for their clubs on this day in order to properly rest and prepare for the Regional League Selection Game. 



Danica Anaya (FC Dallas)

Adriana Benassi (KC Scott Gallagher)

Aerial Fast (Greater Toledo FC (GTFC Impact))

Kaylie Harris (Sting Dallas Royal)

Eva Hill (Sporting United FC)

Jillian Lane (Sporting Nebraska)

Leila Lanier (Michigan Hawks)

Ava Marsh (SLSG MO)

Katiebeth May (Racing Louisville Academy)

Vivian Nohra (Internationals)

Olivia Page (KC Fusion)

Maya Prehm (KC Scott Gallagher)

Grace Roudebush (FC Pride)

Jacee Seaton (Oklahoma Celtic)

Maya Stevenson (Sporting Nebraska)

Emilee Travnicek (SLSG MO)

Ginny Young (Indiana Fire)


Emily Baker (SLSG IL)

Tori Bockstadter (Missouri Rush)

Lizzie Brown (Seattle United)

Mia Chambliss (Solar SC)

Karli Dennis (BVB IA)

Isabella Hoff (Sporting Columbus)

Marin Love (Solar SC)

Ava Meyer (Kings Hammer SC)

Lyndsey Miller (SLSG IL)

Megan Moudy (Arkansas Rising)

Madison Puszkar (Missouri Rush)

Mackenzie Smith (Kansas City Athletics)

Sydney Strassemeier (Missouri Rush)

Alyssa Striker (Sting Dallas Black)

Ekaterina Theoharidis (Kansas City Athletics)

Ellie White (SLSG MO)

Brooke Wilson (Kings Hammer SC)

To view a full list of the rosters for the Regional League Selection Game, click here.


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