ECNL Phoenix is finally here and this weekend will be one of the largest regular-season national events in ECNL Girls history. The ECNL Girls Club Competition and ECNL Girls Regional League will both be competing in national showcases in Arizona, bringing together more than 70 clubs and more than 400 teams across all age groups for this historic combined event. 

To view the ECNL Phoenix Club Competition team list, click here, and to view the ECNL Arizona Regional League team list, click here

The ECNL National Selection Games will continue this weekend, pitting some of the best and brightest the league has to offer against each other. Two ECNL Phoenix National Selection Games will take place on April 2, 2022 at 6:15 p.m., with a U15 game being played on Field 2 and a U16/17 contest taking place on Field 3. To view the rosters for the National Selection Game, click here.  

With so many teams and clubs participating in the national event at both levels in Arizona, there are many clubs to highlight who have seen success this season, and we will focus on a few that are hoping to continue their great performances this weekend. 

One of California’s top clubs, Legends FC heads to ECNL Phoenix and ECNL Arizona with strong teams at both levels. Legends has certainly made its mark in the Mojave Division of the Southwest Conference in the Club Competition, where the organization’s U13-U16 teams all sit in first place, while its U17 squad is in second place. That success has trickled down to the ECNL Girls Regional League, where Legends is no lower than fourth in any age group. With nine different teams competing in the showcases this weekend, Legends FC will have ample opportunities to keep their momentum going and prepare for the ECNL Girls National Playoffs right around the corner. 

Last year’s overall club champion is once again showing the rest of the league it’s the club to beat, as Slammers HB KØGE has been setting the pace in the Sonoran Division of the Southwest Conference. In the Club Competition, Slammers HB KØGE is atop the standings in the U13, U15, U16 and U17 age groups, and is in second place in the U14s. Within one of the toughest divisions in the ECNL Girls Regional League, Slammers HB KØGE has teams jockeying for position weekly for a spot in the Regional League Finals. With reigning national champions in the U14 and U17 age groups, Slammers HB KØGE has set an expectation of trophies every year, and when its teams descend into ECNL Phoenix this weekend, they’ll have their eyes set on playing their best soccer possible and gearing up for another lengthy postseason run. 

SUSA FC is another club to watch at ECNL Phoenix this weekend. At the Club Competition level, the New York club ranks no lower than third in the New England Conference in all but one age group, and in the Regional League, SUSA FC is in a playoff position in multiple age groups. 

While these are just three clubs out of many heading to Arizona, the full slate of contests brings intrigue, quality and excitement across the board. To view the complete Club Competition schedule across all age groups, click here, and to view the complete Regional League schedule across all age groups, click here

ECNL Phoenix merchandise is available online or can be purchased at the events in person. All items must be picked up at the event. To view and pre-order merch for the Club Competition event, click here. The ECNL Florida Regional League event will be available on-site only.

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