ECNL Alums Excel in the First Month of the 2018 NCAA College Season

RICHMOND, VA (September 18, 2018) – The Elite Clubs National League has had an incredible impact on all levels of women’s soccer since its founding ten years ago. Each season the sisterhood of ECNL Alums grows, with approximately 90% of these Amazing Young Women going on to play collegiate soccer. The ECNL’s College Impact series has cataloged the ECNL’s impact on women’s college soccer over the past several years.

The first month of 2018 was filled with action, with exciting matchups and movement in rankings week-to-week. Conference competition begins this week for most, so we took a look at how ECNL Alums have impacted their respective programs in the first month of the season.

The Top 25 teams are loaded with ECNL Alums across the top DI teams in the country. In addition, the NCAA Women’s Soccer Top 10 Individual Stat leaders feature several ECNL Alums.

1 – Cece Kizer (Sporting BV) (9)
T3 – Tatum Barton (Real Colorado) (8)
T3 – Raimee Sherle (Boise Thorns FC, formerly FC Nova) (8)

1 – Samantha Coffey (Match Fit Academy) (7)
T2 – Miranda Carrasco (Challenge SC) (6)
T2 – Bri Folds (Boca United) (6)
T2 – Taylor Kornieck (San Diego Surf and Las Vegas Premier) (6)
T8 – Malia Berkely (Michigan Hawks) (5)
T8 – Sarah Clark (Michigan Hawks) (5)
T8 – Erin Doster (Michigan Hawks) (5)
T8 – Katie Glenn (Lonestar SC) (5)
T8 – Shannon Magnan (Michigan Hawks) (5)
T8 – Paige Monaghan (PDA) (5)
T8 – Caitlyn Reilly (CESA) (5)
T8 – Kendall Ritchie (Lonestar SC) (5)
T8 – Maria Sanchez (RSL-AZ, formerly Sereno SC) (5)
T8 – Ella Stevens (GSA) (5)
T8 – Maddie Turlington (Dallas Texans) (5)
T8 – Nicole Whitley (PDA) (5)


1 – Cece Kizer (Sporting BV) (22)
T3 – Tatum Barton (Real Colorado) (20)
T3 – Samantha Coffey (Match Fit Academy) (17)
T8 – Abby Allen (Lonestar SC) (16)
T8 – Bri Folds (Boca United) (16)
T8 – Nicki Hernandez (Eclipse Select SC) (16)
T8 – Raimee Sherle (Boise Thorns FC, formerly FC Nova) (16)
T8 – Miah Zuazua (Solar SC) (16)

2 – Chioma Eriken (FC Dallas) (58)
3 – Megan Donnally (Sockers FC) (57)
7 – Marina Manzo (Vardar) (50)
*Stats as of 9/12

In the Power 5 Conferences, 50 ECNL Alums have won the Player of the Week honors in the first 5 weeks of the season. Tatum Barton (Real Colorado) and Cyera Hintzen (Dallas Sting) have earned two Offensive Player of the Week honors in their respective conferences while Mackenzie Wood (Indiana Fire) has earned both Goalkeeper and Freshman of the Week in the Big 10 Conference.

Pac 12:

Offensive Player of the Week:
Hallie Mace (Eagles SC) *
Tatum Barton (Real Colorado) ##
Marissa Everett (Arsenal FC, So Cal Blues)

Defensive Player of the Week:
Mykiaa Minniss (Real Colorado)
Sam Hiatt (Crossfire Premier)
Karina Rodriguez (So Cal Blues)

Goalkeeper of the Week:
Siena Ruelas (San Diego Surf)
Kaylie Collins (Mustang SC)
Alison Jahansouz (So Cal Blues)
Jalen Tompkins (Sereno SC)

Big 12:

Offensive Player of the Week:
Katie Glenn (Lonestar SC)
Cyera Hintzen (Dallas Sting) ##

Defensive Player of the Week:
Nicole Curry (Dallas Sting)
Jennifer Wandt (FC Wisconsin)

Freshman Player of the Week:
Maddy Warren (Slammers FC)
Mackenzie McFarland (Solar SC)
Taylor Moon (D’Feeters SC)
Maddie Algya (D’Feeters SC)
Giuliana Cunningham (Sockers FC)
Grace Yochum (Albion Hurricanes FC)

Big 10:

Offensive Player of the Week:
Brenna Lovera (Michigan Hawks)
Dani Rhodes (FC Wisconsin)

Defensive Player of the Week:
Kayla Sharples (Eclipse Select SC)
Sinclaire Miramontez (Sporting BV)
Julietta Thron (Match Fit Academy)
Claudia Day (Alabama FC, formerly BUSA)

Goalkeeper of the Week:
Mackenzie Wood (Indiana Fire)
Reilley Ott (D’Feeters)
Rachel Egyed (Match Fit Academy)
Aubrei Corder (Ohio Premier)

Freshman of the Week:
Mackenzie Wood (Indiana Fire)


Offensive Player of the Week:
Parker Goins (TSC Hurricane)
Kayla McKeon (Dallas Sting)
Reagan Glisson (Concorde Fire)
CeCe Kizer (Sporting BV)

Defensive Player of the Week:
Sarah Le Beau (Eclipse Select SC)
Cosette Morché (Atlanta Fire)
Mikayla Krzeczowski (Concorde Fire)

Freshman Player of the Week:
Jyllissa Harris (PDA)
Zakirah McGillivary (East Meadow)
Cassidy Lindley (Indiana Fire)
Emory Wegener (Atlanta Fire)


Offensive Player of the Week:
Kia Rankin (Maryland United)
Rebecca Jarrett (World Class FC)
Rachel Jones (NASA-Tophat)

Defensive Player of the Week:
Mandy McGlynn (Armada Youth FC, formerly Jacksonville FC)
Julia Ashley (Match Fit Academy)
Brooke Bollinger (Orlando City)
Brianna Westrup (Slammers FC)
Taylor Otto (NCFC Youth, formerly CASL)

* Signifies an ECNL Amazing Young Women Spotlight
Indicates a Player of the Week more than once & the number of times they have won

With conference play beginning this week, the battle towards the conference championships and a spot in the NCAA tournament are ramping up. There are hundreds of alums fighting for the right to be named the 2018 NCAA National Champion and we wish all of our ECNL Alums the best of luck as they battle for the crown.


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