AYW Spotlight | Margo O’Meara

RICHMOND, VA (March 14, 2018) –Congratulations to Margo O’Meara, the ECNL Amazing Young Woman Spotlight of the Week! O’Meara is a member of the St. Louis Scott Gallagher-Missouri (SLSG-MO) ECNL U16 team, and she also recently won the Missouri Class 1 state diving championship. Being a soccer player and diver is a unique combination, and O’Meara embraces the fierce competitiveness of both sports.

“Margo is an exceptional young lady off the field, in the pool, and on the soccer field,” said ECNL coach and SLSG-MO ECNL Director Ralph Richards about O’Meara. “Margo’s achievements and accomplishments both in the pool and on the field over the years, and more specifically these past 12 months, have been simply incredible. To do all she does as well as maintaining the highest level in the classroom is truly game-changing. I am proud to say she is a member of the SLSG-MO ECNL program.”

Competition is what drives O’Meara, and she experiences very different types of competition playing both a team and an individual sport.

“I love the team aspect of soccer,” said O’Meara. “Everything from the strategy to being outside and running, they are just so different from diving. In diving I enjoy the thrill of being in the air and the flips and twists.  The mental aspect of diving is huge so I really enjoy the competitiveness with myself. In soccer, I relish the competition with my teammates and other teams.”

O’Meara started sports before she could even stand with ‘mommy and me’ gymnastics classes, which cemented a lifelong passion for sports. She began playing soccer in pre-school and switched from gymnastics to diving when she was six. Since then, she has been balancing both diving and soccer, working her way to performing both sports at an elite level.

While O’Meara and her ECNL U16 team have had an impressive 2017-18 season thus far, she has also found big success in the pool. As a freshman at Westminster Christian Academy (WCA), she completed an undefeated season and finished as a diving state champion. In the process, she set conference and Missouri class 1 state records.

“When we heard her team won state, I was so excited for her, and so were her teammates,” said Richards. “We celebrated her victory through ‘group me’ whilst we were competing at the ECNL National Event in Houston.”

While at times she has had to miss events in both sports, O’Meara appreciates the understanding from those around her when she is faced with tough decisions. She credits her coaches in both soccer and swimming for their flexibility when it comes to making sacrifices, and for allowing her to continue to compete in both sports. The support of her teammates and coaches is a constant reminder of the sisterhood and community she has gained through sport.

Congratulations to Margo O’Meara for your undefeated diving season and state championship. Your hard work and dedication to perform at the highest level in two sports showcases your passion and strength, and we are proud to call you an ECNL Amazing Young Woman!



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