Resources to Support TSC Hurricane Families #TSCHFamily

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ECNL Member Clubs –

On July 17, multiple family members of the TSC Hurricane Soccer Club were involved in a horrific car accident in Oklahoma. Four lives were tragically lost, and two young players remain in critical condition with long recovery periods ahead of them.

The soccer community, while stretching across the country, is a very small community in many ways.  This tragedy reaches clubs, coaches, and players from all over America who knew these individuals, played with or against them, or stood on the sideline cheering for them.  The support and prayers of so many soccer players, coaches, families, and clubs will go out to the families impacted by these losses, and all those who know these individuals.

Three fundraising accounts have been established to help with the medical bills and expenses that will stem from this accident and the impact it has on lives forever. 

Kitterman/Edwards Families:

VanHorn Family:

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Please extend your support for the TSC Hurricane family. #TSCHFamily