ECNL Announces the Addition of Taylor Shamyer in The Zone

RICHMOND, VA (May 23, 2017) – The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) excited to announce the addition of Taylor Shamyer to “The Zone”. Launched in November 2014 in conjunction with the Amazing Young Women movement, The Zone is a health and wellness resource and destination created specifically to meet the needs of elite teen female athletes.

Shamyer will alternate with Tara Gannon, and be onsite during ECNL National Events to teach and reinforce best practices for maintaining peak performance before, during and after competition as she leads teams through pre- and post-competition routines. She will provide ECNL players with the tools and tips to reinforce strong health habits to take with them as they continue their playing career, making The Zone the primary destination for ECNLers to connect, recharge and learn.

The ECNL is dedicated to celebrating the Amazing Young Women that have helped mold this league into the top female youth soccer platform in the world. As part of the campaign, ECNL is encouraging amazing young women to share their stories. Shamyer is part of the physical platform at National Events to help ensure ECNLers are provided every tool they need to perform at the highest level. Learn more about what motivates her and makes her so amazing below.

Q: What is your dream job?
A: My dream job would be a personal trainer/athletic trainer for a professional sports team, preferably a soccer or football team. My plan is to start with college teams, preferably the University of Richmond, then make my way to the United Soccer League’s Richmond Kickers, then the next step would be to work for the New York Giants in the NFL of course!

Q: What is your favorite food?
A:  My favorite food is breakfast food. Like all of it. Anything and everything that falls under the breakfast category.

Q: What does #UNSHAKABLE mean to you:
A:  To me, unshakable means the unwavering determination, strength and desire to strive towards your goals without letting anything get in your way.

Q: What is your favorite emoji?
A:   This one for sure! It is literally the definition of my personality. Smiling, bubbly and incredibly dorky.

Q: What is your morning routine?
A: Typically, I wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee outside while playing fetch with my dogs. Once they are nice and worn out, I go to the gym and then make myself a smoothie to get my day started.

Q:  What is something that most people do not know about you?
A: Most people do not know that I have a strong passion for Latin music and dancing. I first learned to start dancing when I was 16 and I have loved it ever since.

Q: If you could fill an entire room with one thing, what would it be?
A: I would fill the entire room with puppies to roll around and play with. Puppies make everything better.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?
A: I draw inspiration from the environment and the people around me. I love to be mentally stimulated and inspired by my surroundings.

Q: What’s a favorite personality trait?
A: My favorite personality is being a goofball. My husband is the perfect example of this. He is the ultimate goofball in life that wants to do nothing but make me laugh all the time. It is such an endearing quality of his that keeps me excited and lighthearted.

Q: What’s on your bucket list?
A: I would love to get my motorcycle license and go on a cross country food tour. I want to stop at all of the best places from curbside food trucks to white table cloth 5 star restaurants. It would be the ultimate food crawl!

Q: Who is your hero and why?
A: My hero is my dad. He has worked himself to the bone throughout the years to provide for my sister and I. He has shown me the definition of hard work and determination, and has led by example always striving to be the best version of himself. He is the definition of unshakable.

Make sure to stop by The Zone during the ECNL New Jersey National Event to say hello to Taylor and take advantage of the all the tools available to help prepare and recover for every game.


About Amazing Young WomenTM: The Amazing Young Women campaign is a dynamic platform of online and local market activations that showcase and celebrate female role models offering an aspirational focus for all female athletes and teens as they prepare to be our next generation of leaders. The ECNL is calling on all of the nation’s women to join the movement to celebrate the endless potential of today’s girls.

Women of all ages can share their personal moments of inspiration where they defined what it is to be #UNSHAKABLE through elevated stories and social media. Every share and submission helps drive a movement that celebrates the power of what it is to be a girl today.

About Elite Clubs National League:  The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the United States through: (i) improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league; (ii) improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and (iii) improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs. The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and is sponsored by Nike Soccer. | Facebook: /theECNL | Twitter: @theECNL

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