ECNL Announces Blaze Byrd as New Communications Manager

RICHMOND, VA (May 9, 2016) – The Elite Clubs National League is pleased to announce that Blaze Byrd has been hired as the Communications Manager.  Byrd will lead the daily communication efforts, serve as the liaison between local media markets for the league and enhance the current Amazing Young Women campaign and other league initiatives.

Byrd is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College, with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies and Journalism, and a Master’s of Education in Sport Leadership. Byrd began her journey into the Communications profession early as a student of Manchester High School’s Mass Communications program for four years. At Virginia Wesleyan, she was a member of the Marlin Chronicle as a sports reporter and a Communications intern for Old Dominion University’s Athletic Department. Byrd was a three-year starter at center back for Virginia Wesleyan, earning All-ODAC accolades and appearing on the VaSID College Division Women’s Soccer All-State Team.

After graduating from Virginia Wesleyan, Byrd worked as the Advertising, Marketing & New Media Coordinator for Symbol Mattress where she led marketing campaign development and execution. After two years at Symbol Mattress, she was accepted into the Virginia Commonwealth University (“VCU”) Sport Leadership program. During her year at VCU, she was a Graduate Assistant for VCU Athletic Communications, creating graphics for the Center for Sport Leadership, helping CBS Sports in the production truck for basketball games and volunteering with Sportable. Byrd began working with Serevi Rugby and Capital Rugby Union to develop and market rugby programs, and working in Sales & Marketing internship at ATAVUS.

“We are excited to officially welcome Blaze to the ECNL staff, as her energy and work ethic will enhance league communications.” said Jen Woodie, ECNL Commissioner “Her passion for sharing stories about the beautiful game both on and off the field will bring the Amazing Young Women campaign to new heights, strengthening the ECNL brand as a whole as we continue our mission to Raise The Game.”

Here are a few fun facts about Blaze:

Q:  PB&J or Grilled Cheese? 
A:  Grilled Cheese (Fun fact: If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be grilled cheese).

Q:  What is the name of your favorite hometown restaurant? 
A:  Sal’s Pizzeria. Best pizza, plus I’m always greeted with a hug. What’s better than that?

Q:  Favorite emoji:
A:  According to my phone, the crying laughing emoji. The rolling eyes emoji came in 2nd.

Q:  Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on how weird you are.  
A:  Probably an 8. I’m pretty weird.

Q:  What celebrity would you invite to a dinner party and why? 
A:  Michelle Akers. She is my favorite soccer player of all-time and was my inspiration to always leave everything on the field every time I played. I would love to pick her brain about so much, especially how she dealt with adversity when she was dealing with health issues during the 1999 Women’s World Cup. She is just amazing, if she got a tooth knocked out in a game, she just kept going. I try to embody that toughness when I play.

Q:  What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear “Reality TV”? 
A:  Guilty [pleasure].

Q: Twitter or Facebook:
A: Twitter.

Q:  What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you on vacation?
A:  While in Germany, I had some rowdy locals try to come through our window in the middle of the night. That was out of the ordinary, and pretty scary.

Q:  What is something most people do not know about you?
A:  My first name is Victoria, and Blaze is my actual middle name.

Q:  What would you do if you won the lottery? 
A:  Travel, travel, travel.

Q:  Paper or plastic? 
A:  Reusable bags 🙂

Q:  What is your favorite board game? 

Q:  Favorite movie quote: 
A:  “The ones who love us, never really leave us.” -Sirius Black (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) I’m a big Harry Potter fan.

Q:  If you could have one super-power, what would you chose and why?
A: To fly. I hate traffic.


About Elite Clubs National League:  The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the United States through: (i) improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league; (ii) improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for college and youth national teams through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and (iii) improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs.  The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and is sponsored by Nike Soccer.   |   Facebook:  /theECNL  |  Twitter: @theECNL

*photo credit: Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics