MegBuck-HeadshotRICHMOND, Va. (April 21, 2015) – The 2014-15 ECNL season is dedicated to celebrating the Amazing Young Women that have helped mold this league into the top female youth soccer platform in the world.  As part of the campaign, the ECNL is encouraging amazing young women to share their stories.  Megan Buckingham is a current freshman student-athlete at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  She is a member of the U20 U.S. Women’s National Team and Michigan Hawks alum.  The ECNL caught up with Megan to learn more about her both on and off the field.

Q: What is your favorite US Youth National Team memory so far?
A: My favorite US YNT memory is traveling to Spain with the U20’s and competing against Norway, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: I have an older sister, Jennifer.

Q: What is your favorite ECNL Event and why?
A: My favorite ECNL event was the Arizona event because it was close to my family and I got to see them on my free time.

Q: What is in your purse/backpack at this very moment?
A: I don’t carry around a purse so my backpack contains my laptop, laptop charger, notebook, pencils and soccer cleats.

Q: What is your biggest strength as a soccer player?
A: I think my biggest strength as a soccer player is my grit.

Q: Do you have any superstitions?
A: I do not have any superstitions.

Q: Paper or Plastic?
A: Paper

Q: What is something most people do not know about you?
A: Most people do not know that I wear youth size cleats.

Q: Champions League or English Premier League?

Q: Christiano Ronaldo or Neymar?
A: Neymar

Q: Have you traveled outside of the country?  If yes, where did you go?
A: Yes, I’ve been to England, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada and Dominican Republic.

Q: What is your favorite quote and why?
A: “When you want to breathe as much as you want to succeed, then you will be successful.”  I wouldn’t say I have a favorite quote, but this is one I really like because it describes how much you need to work and want something in order for you to achieve your goals.

Q: Apples or Oranges?
A: Apples

Q: What is the ideal weather you prefer to play soccer in?
A: Ideal soccer conditions would be an overcast but bright day so the sun doesn’t get in your eyes with the temperature at about 67 degrees.

Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: My freshmen class at Chapel Hill did take part in the IM basketball league so I guess I play basketball as well.

Q: Who is your soccer idol?
A: My soccer idol would have to be any of the 91ers.  They are the amazing women who made soccer an option in my life and so many others.

Q: Describe the perfect date:
A: The perfect date would be getting picked up in his car, going out on a picnic on a sunny, warm day and then being lazy and watching movies after.

Q: What three words describe who you are as a person?
A: Funny, caring, passionate

Q: What is your dream job?
A: My dream job would be working for Nike in an advertising position.

Q: PB&J or Grilled Cheese?

Q: What is your absolute favorite soccer drill?
A: I honestly couldn’t pick an absolute favorite but one that I like a lot is a transition 2v2 to goal game.

Q: What is your favorite emoji?
A: My favorite emoji is probably the dog face.

Q: What is your favorite food of all time?
A: My favorite food of all time is my mother’s homemade lasagna.

Q: Snapchat or Instagram?
A: Snapchat

Q: Do you have a phobia? If so, what?
A: I’m claustrophobic.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing could you not live without?
A: My dog.

Q: Define “team” in your own words
A: Team, a collection of girls who live and breathe the same love for the game.  Who work day in and day out to help each other through whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Q: ECNL prepared me for _________
A: ECNL prepared me for meeting new people.


About Elite Clubs National League:  The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the United States through: (i) Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league; (ii) Improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for the U.S. Soccer youth national teams through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and (iii) improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs.  The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and is sponsored by Nike Soccer.


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* Picture courtesy of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Athletics