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ECNL_Logo_final_colorRICHMOND, Va. (April 7, 2015) – >The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) is the top female youth soccer competition and development platform in the country, consisting of 7 conferences across the United States and 77 member clubs.  ECNL Conference reviews take a look at each club’s performance from the previous season along with the outlook and players to watch for in the current season.  Over the last few months, the ECNL has released conference reviews, covering the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Texas Conferences. The seventh and final conference review examines the Northwest Conference.

“There is no question that the competitive nature of the ECNL has elevated our standards as a club.” said Neil Payne, Director of Coaching for Real Colorado.  “The ECNL’s competition structure ensures that every game is meaningful, with every point making a difference in the standings.  Knowing that difficult opposition waits at every regular season competition and National Event match requires our teams to prepare with diligence.  Intensity, technical standards, work ethic, and attention to detail has become priority in the training environment.”

ECNL conference competition is the heart of the ECNL, and the primary method by which teams qualify for the post-season ECNL Play-Offs every year.  Conference games feature some of the most heated rivalries in youth soccer, and winning an ECNL Conference Championship is a matter of huge pride for every player and club.

The ECNL Northwest Conference is filled with intense rivalries, with a big emphasis on sportsmanship and having respect for one another both on and off the field.  The race to crown the conference champion is grueling due to the tough competition, making every conference game important.

The Northwest Conference spans across six states: California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.  The national success conference teams have had in the league speaks to the strength of the players and teams in the region.

The competition offers each player the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive environment, against some of the top players in the country.  The fellowship between the member clubs within the conference further adds to the player experience, building friendships and enhancing the ECNL brand.

The Northwest Conference saw five Member Clubs ranked in the top 25 for the ECNL Overall Club Standings last season.

  • 6th: Real Colorado
  • 7th: Crossfire Premier
  • Tied for 15th: DeAnza Force, Washington Premier
  • 21st: Mustang SC

“The ECNL has been a great lift for the development of the female soccer player across the country.” said Bryan Yorke, ECNL Director for Washington Premier FC.  “Each week our teams are playing against the best players and teams in the nation.  The experience that the ECNL player gains from facing this level of competition continually pushes players out of their comfort zones and encourages them to become technically and tactically proficient, independent thinking, and hard working.  This approach is evident in the daily training environment, league play, and National Events.  The ECNL has been a great catalyst for player development in our players and in the opponents we face throughout the year.”


Member Clubs (15): Colorado Rush, Colorado Storm, Crossfire Premier, Crossfire United, DeAnza Force, FC Nova, FC Portland, MVLA, Mustang SC, Pleasanton Rage, Real Colorado, San Juan SC, Santa Rosa United, Utah Avalanche, Washington Premier

2013-14 Conference Division Champions

  • U14: Santa Rosa United (NorCal Division); Crossfire Premier (Pacific Division)
  • U15: DeAnza Force (NorCal Division); Crossfire Premier (Pacific Division)
  • U16: Santa Rosa United (NorCal Division); Crossfire Premier (Pacific Division)
  • U17: Mustang SC (NorCal Division); Washington Premier (Pacific Division)
  • U18: MVLA (NorCal Division); Washington Premier (Pacific Division)

2013-2014 Champions League Qualifiers*

  • U15: Crossfire Premier, DeAnza Force, Mustang SC, Washington Premier, Colorado Rush*, Colorado Storm*, Real Colorado*
  • U16: Crossfire Premier, DeAnza Force, Mustang SC, Santa Rosa United, Real Colorado*
  • U17: Crossfire Premier, Mustang SC, MVLA, Washington Premier, Colorado Rush*, Real Colorado*

*Indicates that the team competed in the Midwest Conference for the 2013-2014 ECNL Season, and has since been moved into the Northwest Conference.

2013-2014 ECNL Finals Qualifiers*

  • U14: Crossfire Premier, Santa Rosa United, Real Colorado*
  • U15: DeAnza Force
  • U16: Real Colorado*
  • U18: MVLA, Washington Premier

*Indicates that the team competed in the Midwest Conference for the 2013-2014 ECNL Season, and has since been moved into the Northwest Conference.

Here is a brief look into each Member Club in the ECNL Northwest Conference.

Colorado Rush

Based in Littleton, Colorado, the Colorado Rush Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Formed in 1997 through a merger of two local clubs, Club Columbine and Lakewood Untied Soccer Club, Colorado Rush now services several thousand players in the Denver/Metro, Colorado Springs and Thornton areas.

Players to Watch:

  • Audrey Weiss (US YNT)
  • Erin Hohnstein (US YNT)
  • Cori Dyke (US YNT)
  • Civanna Kulman
  • Tess Boade
  • Sabrina Macias

Colorado Storm

Colorado Storm Soccer Association was established in 1967 as a non-profit organization, serving as one of Colorado’s oldest and largest soccer clubs.  The Storm offers programing for girls and boys ages three to eighteen.

Players to Watch:

  • Macy Schultz
  • Cassie Hiatt
  • Alex Loera
  • Sami Trinceri
  • Ally Schlegel (US YNT)
  • Amanda Duggan

Crossfire Premier

Crossfire Premier Soccer Club was founded in 1968 as a non-profit organization based in Redmond, Washington.  Serving over 7,500 players, Crossfire Premier has produced countless players that have continued their soccer careers at the collegiate level.

Players to Watch:

  • Samantha Hiatt (US YNT)
  • Sophie Hirst (US YNT)

Crossfire United

Crossfire United was established in 2014 with the merger of Crossfire Oregon and THUSC, and is currently in it’s first year as an official ECNL Member Club.

Players to Watch:

  • Mya Lopez (US YNT)
  • Monet Kunz (US YNT)
  • Madison Hairston (US YNT)
  • Arianna Pumpelly
  • Brianna Miyama
  • Katelyn Penner

DeAnza Force

DeAnza Force Soccer Club was formed in 1999, consisting of nearly 50 girls and boys teams.  DeAnza serves players in the San Francisco bay area, with a huge focus on preparing players to continue their soccer careers.

Players to Watch:

  • Tierna Davidson (US YNT)
  • Samantha Tran (US YNT)
  • Luca Deza (US YNT)
  • Kailee Gifford (US YNT)
  • Nikki Lee (US YNT)

FC Nova

FC Nova was established in 2010 with the merger of Les Bois SA and Boise Capital SC, forming one of the top soccer clubs in Idaho.

Players to Watch:

  • Grace Hancock (US YNT)
  • Emma Bailey
  • Aubree Chatterton
  • Zoe Transtrum
  • Madison Carter
  • Annika Stevens

FC Portland

Clive Charles founded FC Portland in 1987, starting the club as a training division with fifty players.  In 2001 the club merged with Portland Metro SC to solidify the girls programming, continuing to serve as one of the top clubs in the Portland area.

Players to Watch:

  • Katie Duong (US YNT)
  • Gabby Brown (US YNT)
  • Taryn Ries (US YNT)
  • Rylee Seekins
  • Lucy Davidson (US YNT)
  • Hannah Griffiths-Boston (US YNT)


The Mountain View Los Altos Soccer Club (MVLA) has been serving Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills since 1972.  MVLA has over 80 girls and boys teams from age eight to eighteen, and an affiliation with the San Jose Earthquakes.

Players to Watch:

  • Tegan McGrady
  • Regan Heslop
  • Mia Shenk
  • Kelsey Andrews
  • Gillian Antiporda

Mustang SC

Mustang SC was founded in 1972, currently serving over 5,000 members across 100 teams.  Players age five to eighteen have the opportunity to play at any level.

Players to Watch:

  • Ariana Zamora
  • Kaylie Collins (US YNT)
  • Maya Nielan (US YNT)
  • Juliet Allen (US YNT)
  • Sydney Sheppard
  • Taylor Mendoza

Pleasanton Rage

Pleasanton Rage is a girls youth soccer club based in Pleasanton, California.  Programs are provided for all levels of play, ranging from recreational to the elite travel divisions, for ages four to eighteen.

Players to Watch:

  • Milan Moses
  • Sophie Santos
  • Olivia Sekany
  • Samantha Dukes
  • Taylor Noval
  • Sayler Bagnall

Real Colorado

Real Colorado is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1986 as the Douglas Country Soccer Association.  The club is based out of Denver, Colorado and draws from a wide geographic region, serving over 4,000 players, having 157 current club alums playing at the collegiate level.

Players to Watch:

  • Mallory Pugh (US YNT)
  • Julie Mackin (US YNT)
  • Jaelin Howell (US YNT)
  • Sophia Smith (US YNT)

San Juan Soccer Club

San Juan Soccer Club is the premier youth soccer club serving the Sacramento metropolitan area, with over 30 years of experience and tradition.  Founded in 1978, San Juan SC has established itself as one of the top youth soccer clubs in the area.

Players to Watch:

  • Chai Cortez (US YNT)
  • Ava Nkadi (US YNT)
  • Kristina O’Donnell
  • Carly Reader
  • Catie Brown
  • Jordan Holt

Santa Rosa United

Santa Rosa United serves over 6,000 players on almost 500 teams in Northern California.  In 1965, Joe Belluzzo and several other members joined forces to provide playing opportunities for boys and girls. Over the past 25 years, the club has evolved into one of the top clubs in the state.

Players to Watch:

  • Taylor Ziemer (US YNT)

Utah Avalanche

Utah Avalanche was founded by Joanna Barney in 2001 as a girls-only soccer club, making it the only one of it’s kind in the state.  Within the past nine years, Utah Avalanche has placed 100% of its players into college programs.

Players to Watch:

  • Hailey Skolmoski (US YNT)
  • Kyra Fawcett
  • Ireland Dunn (US YNT)
  • Haley Farrar
  • Laveni Vaka (US YNT)
  • Daviana Vaka

Washington Premier

Washington Premier FC was created in 1971 with the combination of FC Royals and FC United.  In 1977, the first girls team was formed paving the way for soccer opportunities in the area.

Players to Watch:

  • Kelcie Hedge (US YNT)

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