ECNL RECAP: SoCal Conference Organizes Conference Showcase

RICHMOND, VA (December 19, 2012):  The Member Clubs of the ECNL SoCal Conference came together for a special event on Saturday, December 1st for an ECNL Conference Showcase to maximize player exposure to college coaches that were in southern California for the NCAA College Cup in San Diego.

The Conference Showcase was a joint effort by the ECNL clubs, beginning with agreements to hold conference games at one common site during the weekend of the College Cup.  The ECNL schedule was created to allow great SoCal match-ups, including: So Cal Blues vs. San Diego Surf, Slammers vs. Real So Cal, and Strikers FC vs. Eagles.

Games were clustered in one area of one facility to provide easy viewing for spectators and coaches.  The clubs also organized coach pre-registration, including free parking and food to any college coach that attended.  Working together, the clubs shared all expenses, arranged Gatorade and water for the players, and created a tremendous competitive atmosphere.  More than 100 college coaches attended the event!  The positive comments from the coaches, the competitive matchups, the great venue, and the great attendance proved that the idea was a success.

This joint effort that created the SoCal Conference Showcase showed the huge draw ECNL games are for coaches around the country, and the tremendous benefits that occur when clubs come together with unique ideas, and work hard to benefit each other.  Great things come together when clubs come together.